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You can't work with RoboHelp on Mac or Linux ClickHelp works in a web browser on Mac, Windows or Linux
Installing, updating and licensing RoboHelp is hard ClickHelp is a SaaS solution, available from anywhere
RoboHelp is hard to learn Our customers say ClickHelp is user friendly and they love it
RoboHelp just generates the content, but does not host it With ClickHelp, you build a branded documentation site easily
You have to buy extra tools, like Word® and FrameMaker® No additional software required for ClickHelp features to work
RoboHelp does not provide teamwork features Collaboration and teamwork are strong sides of ClickHelp
RoboHelp review process is based on file exchange via email ClickHelp provides powerful online review features
No web API for documentation environment and content ClickHelp provides advanced REST API
SEO - RoboHelp topic URLs sucks ClickHelp topic URLs are human-readable, like this:
RoboHelp has no reporting features Reports on project readiness and content popularity
Cannot create password-protected online help Restricted content access with roles, permissions and SSO
No context help for web applications ClickHelp topics integrate into your web apps smoothly

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"As an authoring tool, ClickHelp is easy to use and highly efficient. It can meet the needs of a small company but is scalable and full-featured enough to meet the needs of large corporations with multiple authors and departments.

ClickHelp employees believe in their product and stand behind it. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Jennifer Thompson
Technical Product Manager
"You guys are the best! It’s rare to have a software vendor implement suggestions, and even more rare to get feedback when they do. Kudos on such excellent service. Thank you!!"
Eileen Howald
Relyence Corporation

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See it in Action!

Looking for ways to increase technical writing team productivity?
Let us show you what ClickHelp has to offer!
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