ClickHelp User Manual

Adding a Cover Page

A cover page is one of the basic elements any Printed Output usually has. It can contain certain general information like a title, a product name, a company name, a creation date, etc.

In ClickHelp, you have the option of adding a cover page to a printed version of your online user manual. You can add a cover page in two ways: by using an MS Word template or Export Configuration. Using an MS Word template is more preferable. To learn more, refer to this topic: Export with Word Templates

To add a cover page by using Export Configuration, create a separate topic that will be used as a cover page. Then do the following:

Publishing settings in the topic properties
Make sure to set up publishing options for this topic in the General topic properties. In the Publishing section, select Publish with specific tags and add the PrintedDoc tag to the text field as shown on the screenshot above.

When publishing your Project that is meant to become a printed version of documentation, use the PrintedDoc tag in the Publication Wizard. After the new Publication is ready, start the export process.

On the second step of the Export Publication Wizard, choose the cover page topic you've prepared as a Cover.

Choose the cover page on Step 2 of the Export wizard

Go through the rest of the steps and get a ready document with the specified cover page.