ClickHelp User Manual

Change Project Language

In ClickHelp, you can create projects in different languages. From this topic, you'll learn how to adjust the language of a project.

You can specify a project's base language on the first step of the wizard when you create a project:

Specify a project's base language on the first step of Create Project Wizard

For imported documentation, you can specify the base language on the first step of the Import Wizard.

Once you create/import a project, you can not change its base language.

    ClickHelp includes a number of language-aware Natural Language Processing features, so picking the right language for your projects is important for the features to work correctly. Specifically, the Project language setting affects the following items:

    • Full-text search engine. If the language is specified correctly, ClickHelp will use inflectional forms handling to improve search results relevance (for example, "ran", "run" and "running" will be handled as different forms of the same word).
    • Spellchecker results. The dictionary used for spelling check is picked based on the project language. To learn more, refer to the Check Spelling topic.
    • Readability score. Many readability metrics rely on language-specific factors, so specifying a valid language is important for them to work correctly. If the wrong language is picked for your project, the value of readability metrics for your topics might be incorrect.