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Automatic Navigation Element Title

When you add navigation elements like Breadcrumb, See Also, mini-TOC, there is no title next to elements. For example, here is a Breadcrumbs element without a prefix: 

However, in ClickHelp, you can add an automatic prefix to navigation elements, so they look like this:

Here is an instruction on how to add a prefix to al Breadcrumbs element, but you can also add prefixes to any navigation elements using the below steps.

  • Open a CSS file of your project. To learn how to do it, refer to this topic: Open a CSS Style File.
  • Find the following part of the CSS code.

  • Copy the following code 
    ::before { content: "You are here: "; font-weight: bold; }

  • Insert it into your CSS file in this way.

  • Click Unlock&View in the upper left corner. 

That's all, the prefix has been added.

You can style the prefix text as you wish. For example, you can change the color of the prefix text. Just add the color code:

Here is how it will look like:

This prefix will be added automatically to the chosen navigation element every time you insert it. These changes will be applied to the project, whose CSS style file you modified.