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Content Creation

Creating online documentation can become quite a challenging task without the right documentation tool. Each authoring process is a unique experience requiring various features. ClickHelp was created to cover the overwhelming majority of tasks you might face when working on your Project. ClickHelp is a very flexible tool for content creation. And, further on, you will learn why.

It Starts With a Project

To start writing your documentation in ClickHelp ,you need to create a Project. A Project is a container that stores all the help topics you create. Projects are your work space, this is where the actual data will be written by you and your team. Projects in ClickHelp are only available for authors. Readers get to see the documentation onine after it is published.

Topic-based Authoring

ClickHelp is a topic-based documentation solution. That is, every Topic is a separate document that can be created, edited, deleted, assigned, modified, etc. This helps you better organize your Team work process by having different writers work on different topics at the same time. And this also helps you deliver the documentation to your clients in smaller portions.

Tree-like Content Structure 

All the topics in a Project are organized into a tree-like Table of Contents . It is similar to the outline structure in MS Word - sections, sub-sections, etc. That is, the Table of Contents you see on the left side of the UI reflects the same thing as the Table of Contents in your MS Word document - the structure of the document sections. Every topic is a separate document and TOC element. All the topics in the TOC can be re-ordered.

All topics inside one Project can be considered as one big User Manual that can be delivered in different ways:
* Hosted right in your ClickHelp portal (quick & easy to update and manage),
* Exported as a standalone Web Help documentation (upload to your own servers, full control over the files)
* Exported to a PDF/DOCX/... file to be delivered as a downloadable file.

ClickHelp TOC

Printed and Mobile Formats Export

Your documentation can be exported into various formats. Most of the popular printed formats (like PDF or DOCX ) are supported, along with such formats as CHM or EPUB

SEO Tools

Thanks to ClickHelp, you can greatly improve your visibility on the Web. Being an online documentation tool, it will attract people due to the great amount of terms and unique content stored on your portal giving you the online user manual SEO effect. Besides, ClickHelp integrates with social networks, allowing you to start a Community around your documentation with the help of the integrated commenting service and dozens of content sharing buttons.

Creating Context Help for Web Applications

The ClickHelp tool generates ready-to-use HTML code to insert into any HTML-based UI. This code enables showing your help topic content in your web application's screens in a form of a pop-up window.

To learn more about content creation in ClickHelp, proceed with the following topics of this section: