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Content Margins

ClickHelp features allow users to style content as they wish. In this topic, we'll provide you with some tips on adding left and right margins for your topic content.

In ClickHelp templates, the border is only on the right side but you can add it for the whole content. For example, you can make grey borders by inserting the following code to your CSS style file:

html {
background: #efefef;

body {
background: white;
width: 1170px;
margin: auto;
padding: 20px;

Here is the result:

You can design and color these borders as you need.

If you want to hide a header, for example, you can do it in Settings - click the three vertical dots button, then click Settings.

Then go to Branding > Reader Interface, and uncheck the relevant box:

Here is the result - the topic content now has wide margins, and no header:

If you want to learn how to preview your content to make sure that your design will suit your needs, refer to this topic: How to Preview My Content.

You can find more tips on styling headers and footers in these topics: