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Create User Account

Create a New Account

To log in to a ClickHelp Documentation Portal, one needs to have an account. When you get a brand new portal, you have a single user account that has administrator permissions. This user can create accounts for other users - authors, editors, subject matter experts, translators, etc.

Creating a new user account is simple:

  • Select Tools | Users and Roles in the main menu to navigate to the accounts management page.

  • Click Create Author.

  • In the Create New User dialog, specify account details and click OK.

  • A new user account will be created.

    Information The login details will be sent at the email address you specified for this account. 

You can create multiple user accounts, but the total number of enabled accounts cannot exceed the number allowed by your ClickHelp subscription.

Assign Roles to a User Account

When a new user account is created, it is assigned the Author role. To learn more on roles and permissions, check this help topic: User Roles.

Since the Author role has limited permissions, you may want to assign a different role to the user:

  • Click the Edit user's profile button 

  • In the Roles and Permissions category, you will see the list of permissions granted by the currently assigned role. Change a user role by picking one from the drop-down box. 

  • Save the changes.

An author can have only one role assigned.