ClickHelp User Manual

Create User Account

Create a New Account

One needs to have an account to log in to a ClickHelp Documentation Portal. When you get a brand new portal, you have a single user account with administrator permissions. This user can create accounts for other users - authors, translators, subject matter experts, reviewers, etc. There are three user types in ClickHelp, and you can learn more about them in the following topic: Understanding Roles and Permissions.

Creating a new user account is simple. We'll show a process of creating an Author account, but the process is the same for other user types.

  • Select Tools → Users and Roles in the top menu to navigate to the accounts management page.
    The Users and Roles link in the main menu on the Author Dashboard
  • Click Create Author.
    Click the Create author button on the Authors&Translators page
  • In the Create New User dialog, specify account details, and select which projects and publications the Author has access to, if necessary. For more information, refer to this topic: Project Access for Authors.
    The Create New User dialog 
  • Click OK
  • A new user account is created. The login details will be sent to the email address you specified for this account.
    A new user account created
You can create multiple user accounts, but the total number of enabled accounts cannot exceed the number allowed by your ClickHelp plan.

Assign Roles to a User Account

When you create a user, you can assign a specific role to them. To learn more on roles and permissions, check this help topic: User Roles. To change a user's role, do the following:

  • Click the Edit user's profile button 
    The Edit user's profile button
  • In the Roles and Permissions category, you will see the list of permissions granted by the currently assigned role. Change a user role by picking one from the dropdown box. 
    Change the user role in the Roles and Permissions section
  • Save the changes.

An author can have only one role assigned.