ClickHelp Documentation

Creating FAQ

In ClickHelp, you can create different types of documentation, including FAQs. Here's what you should consider:

  • Decide, whether you create a topic with a list of questions, or if you'll dedicate a whole project to this.
    In ClickHelp, if you have a separate project/publication, it will be placed right on the main documentation portal page where all readers will definitely see it. 
  • Use anchors to provide users with relevant information on every question. This way you can quickly share a link to a specific section in order not to explain the same thing twice.
  • ClickHelp has a couple of useful features to make your FAQ section look better: Show More and Dropdown Text. Using these helps a lot when either the answers or the whole page are too long. You can quickly hide some of the text to make your FAQ more readable. 
  • In ClickHelp, you can publish your FAQ immediately. Use the partial update publishing mode to publish topics one by one as soon as they are ready.