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Embedding JotForm Forms


JotForm is an online form builder. It can be used to quickly create various forms like registration forms, customer surveys, etc. using ready templates and customizing forms according to your needs.

The JotForm forms can be embedded into your online ClickHelp Documentation Portal, so you can benefit from the two services working together.

Adding a JotForm Form   

If you want a JotForm form to be part of your content, follow these steps:

  • Create a new topic that will be used as a snippet or modify your existing footer snippet topic if you already have one and want the form to be part of your footer.
  • When editing this topic, click the Custom HTML button in the ribbon on the Insert tab of the Design View:

  • Go to JotForm and generate the embed code for the form. Using the iFrame embed option in JotForm is recommended.
  • Paste the HTML code into ClickHelp and insert it into your topic.
  • If needed, insert the topic you've just created as a snippet to the appropriate places in your existing topics to make it part of their content. Since the form is inserted as a snippet, you will be able to update its code easily later if needed.
If you want the form to be invoked as a popup/lightbox associated with a specific element, you can use a similar approach, but you may want to add the form link to an existing footer snippet or simply copy-paste it to existing topics rather than creating a new snippet for it.

Embedding Forms to All Topics

If you want to use the Feedback Button or Embed JotForm options and embed the forms to all topics, there is a simpler way not involving snippets:

  • Open settings of the ClickHelp project where you'd like to use the form (e.g. via the Current Project  Settings... main menu item).
  • Select the Topic Template  Topic Master Page option on the left panel.
  • Disable the Use parent level settings option.
  • Paste the code generated by JotForm into the Additional tags (appended to ) field and save the changes. This will add the JotForm code to the section of all topics in your project.

Adding a Form to the Portal Home Page

If you want to add the form to the home page of your ClickHelp portal:

  • Go to Tools  Portal Settings  Branding  Portal Home Page.
  • Switch to the Source View.
  • Paste the HTML code generated by JotForm to the appropriate location in the home page source, press Ctrl+S and close the browser tab - that's it.