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Frequently asked questions about ClickHelp licensing.

What is considered a "topic"? 

A topic equals one node in the TOC. As a rule, it contains certain text covering one feature or functionality. For online documents, one topic equals one documentation page.

Who is considered an "author"? 

An author is a user who has the right to contribute to the content. Depending on the role, such users may be able to add topics, edit content, delete topics, publish projects, etc.

Can I upgrade my ClickHelp plan? 

Yes, you can upgrade your current ClickHelp plan at any time. Contact, so we can guide you through the process.

Can I downgrade my ClickHelp plan? 

Yes, you can do this at the moment of your next renewal. Contact us at at least 48 hours prior to the renewal day, so we can help.

Do you offer any custom pricing? 

Yes. If our standard packages don't fit your needs you can get a custom licensing offer on request. Contact our Sales Team at to explain what kind of custom pricing you require, and we'll be happy to assist.