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Frequently asked questions about configuring your documentation portal UI.

Can I make my portal look like our website? 

Yes. ClickHelp supports flexible branding of your documentation portal using CSS. To learn more, refer to Branding and Styling.

Can users leave feedback or comments for topics? 

Yes, there are two features: the topic voting & rating, and commenting. By enabling GraphComment or Disqus integration you can get a great feedback channel. To learn more, check Gather Reader Feedback.

Can I hide the topic header area (title, Updated On, etc.)? 

Yes. This can be done via Global SettingsReader Interface or in the same section of Project Settings for every specific project or publication.

I don't know CSS but I want to design my portal, can you help? 

Our Branding Team will be happy to help, contact us at and describe what you'd like to achieve.