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API: Getting Files from Storage

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In order to download files from ClickHelp Storage, you can use the file URLs provided in the File Manager dialog:

The URL to the file at the bottom of the File Manager window

Just click the URL in order to copy it to the Clipboard. Then, open the URL in your web browser or run a GET request from another tool to the given URL to download the file from Storage.

Downloading Password-Protected Files

However, files located in project or publication folders in the Storage are password-protected. Their security settings are defined by the security settings of the project/publication to which the folder belongs. If you try to download such a file from a web browser, you will be redirected to the portal login page.

If you need to automate downloading of such files, you can still access them via the same URLs and use the Basic authentication type, just like with the API. The only thing which needs to be adjusted is the basic-auth parameter in the URL which will force ClickHelp to switch to the Basic authentication type instead of the default Login page. In this case, the client will be challenged with Basic authentication and will then be able to provide the needed credentials (user name and API key), like for the regular ClickHelp API authentication. So, for the example above, the URL for Basic authentication will be:

Code User Guide 2017-02-22.pdf?basic-auth=true

You can also provide your credentials right away if your client supports that - in this case, it will not be necessary to add the basic-auth parameter and the Basic authentication type will be used automatically.