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Import or Use a Project Template


CHM is one of the most popular user manual formats for the Windows platform, even though it is a little bit old. Many applications are still shipped with the user documentation in the CHM format, since it is supported by the majority of help authoring tools.

In ClickHelp, you can start your online documentation project by importing your exiting CHM manual, or by creating a new project from a template. Let's learn about both options.

Importing From CHM

ClickHelp supports importing an existing CHM manual to create a new project. The importing process preserves the Table of Contents structure, the Index keywords, styles and scripts of the original manual.

To import a CHM file:

  • Go to the Author Dashboard.
  • Click Import existing manual.

  • In the wizard, you will need to upload your CHM file to the ClickHelp file storage and click Next .
  • On the last step, you will see the importing log. You may see some warnings in the log - they are typically about the broken links in the topics, you can fix them later.
  • Click Finish .

The standard CHM viewer uses the Internet Explorer control to display the contents. In other browsers, the same styles may look a little bit different. So, you may want to modify the style files of the newly created project: 

  • Select the project on the Author Dashboard.
  • Click  Settings.
  • Navigate to the Basic Settings category.
  • In the Project Styles list, you will see the CSS files imported from the CHM file. Typically, there is only one file there.
  • Click the Open icon near the CSS file entry to open it for editing. The editor will open in a new browser window.
  • To start editing the file, click Lock & Edit in the top-right corner of the window.

Using a Template

ClickHelp comes with a number of ready to use documentation templates. Those templates have ready styles, scripts and images created by our designer. Let's make documentation beautiful!

To use a template for a new project:

  • Navigate to the Author Dashboard.
  • Click Create Project.
  • In the wizard, specify a project name, select one of the templates and click Next .

The newly created project will have a couple of help topics. Those topics give some useful links, and demonstrate how to use some elements in your content. If you want to modify the styles defined for the newly created project, you can easily do this by editing the style files of the project. Please find the steps above, in the section on CHM import.