ClickHelp Documentation

Link to Printed Output TOC

When you generate a printed version of your documentation (like PDF or DOCX), you may want to add an anchor link that will jump to the Table of Contents of the printed document. It is possible to do it in a way so that every topic will have that link at the end for the reader's convenience.

Here is how you can add such a link to your printed documentation:

  • In ClickHelp, you can set up header and footer content for the entire portal or for specific projects in a single place. The content you specify in the Header and Footer fields will be added before and after each topic - both when displayed in your portal and exported to printed formats. This way, you can insert a link after each topic automatically. To do this, go to Tools - Portal Settings - Topic Template - Topic Master Page
  • Next, you need to specify a proper target for the link. Let's use the following HTML markup as an example - specify it as a value for the Topic footer HTML field:

<a href="#mytoc">Back to TOC</a>

  • Here is how it looks:

  • Now, you need to prepare the template. Download the Word template you use and open it in Word for editing.
  • While in MS Word, click Insert - Bookmark and insert a bookmark named "mytoc" while caret is in the TOC heading - this will add a bookmark.
  • Save the changes and upload the changed template back in ClickHelp File Manager.
  • Export the project with the modified template. 

Now, you have a link leading to the TOC added after each topic automatically.