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LiveChat Integration


LiveChat is a service for providing support to clients via online chat:

You can add this online chat function to any website, or even your documentation portal created with ClickHelp. This way, you can provide support to users who are visiting your online documentation.

To integrate LiveChat with ClickHelp, follow the steps below:

Information You must have an active LiveChat account or a trial account to be able to complete the integration.
  • Go to the LiveChat website.
  • Log in to you LiveChat account there and open Settings.

  • Go to Installation > My website.

  • On the right, copy the HTML snippet generated for your LiveChat account.

  • Go to your ClickHelp portal.
  • Navigate to Tools... > Global Settings > Topic Template > Topic Master Page.

  • On the right, find the section called Topic footer HTML (appended after topic content, before the closing tag).
  • Insert the code to the corresponding text field below.
  • Save the changes.

The integration is completed. Now, you can check how it works by opening your published documentation in a new incognito window.

The LiveChat window will appear at the bottom of any documentation page:

And, this is how the LiveChat window looks like when unfolded: