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Open a CSS Style File


In ClickHelp, you can style your content in a centralized manner using CSSEvery project has one or more CSS files specified in the project properties: Project Styles and Scripts. Most of the time, you will have just one CSS file for your project.

The easiest way to open your project CSS file is to click the Open For Editing... button on the topic editor's ribbon bar:

Once you click the button, the style file will open in a new tab - the Styles Editor. To start editing the CSS, you need to click the Lock & Edit button.

From the Styles section of the Home tab, you can also reach every CSS file on your portal by clicking the Manage Project Style Files button.

You will see the full list of your CSS files. If you hover the mouse over one of them, you'll be able to perform several actions: delete it, open it, move it up or down, or change its Publishing Properties.

These were several easy ways to open a CSS file in ClickHelp.