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Sidebar Navigation Element


Topic navigation is important for your readers. In addition to the Table of Contents panel of ClickHelp, you can add a navigation sidebar to your topics. Thanks to the ClickHelp premade templates, you can add and customize a navigation sidebar with just one click. Let's take a look!

Here is how a sidebar may look like in different templates:

  • Clear Sky. This template includes the Mini-TOC and See Also lists on the right.

  • Sunset Hour. It includes Mini-TOC on the left.

  • Oxygen. This template includes the Mini-TOC and See Also lists on the left.

Now, let's see how you can customize a sidebar using the Clear Sky template as an example:  

  • Open Author Dashboard.
  • Click Portal Settings.

  • The Reader Interface page will open. 
  • On the right, scroll down to the Right Sidebar section (for those templates that support a left sidebar, scroll down to the Left Sidebar section ). 

  • There you can customize the width, text color, link color, background color of the sidebar.
  • Speaking of the width, it can be custom, auto and inherited.

  • When you customize it, you can instantly see the result on the preview.

  • Click the Full-screen preview button to look at your result in full screen.

If you want to hide a sidebar, uncheck the relevant box.

As you can see, you can use Reader UI Template settings to customize the sidebars. If it's not enough fo you, you can use Branding.css or branding script for this purpose, or contact us at to learn about what custom branding options we can suggest. 

Sidebar in WebHelp

When you export to the WebHelp, you might notice that the Reader UI Template you have chosen for your portal (or a specific publication) is not applied. Instead, the publication is rendered with a simplified "Legacy" UI. But you can add some of the Reader UI sidebar functionality into your WebHelp publication with the help of the Master Page feature.

You can learn how to do that in our Knowledge Base article called Adding Sidebar to the WebHelp Output