ClickHelp Documentation

Topic Header

When a reader opens a help topic, what they see above the topic content is the topic header with a number of elements.

Topic Header - Main Elements

In the ClickHelp settings, you can specify the set of elements to show in the topic header, or you can hide the entire header altogether. These settings are configured on two levels: global and project-specific. By default, all projects are using the global settings specified in Tools > Portal Settings... > Branding > Reader Interface. Those settings that can be overriden on the project level are duplicated in the project settings - just select the needed project in the drop-down box at the top of the settings page. 

On this settings page, you can control what elements to show in the header - check the Topic header settings block, which is highlighted on the screenshot.

If you are not expecting your readers to vote for topics, you can hide the voting widget to make the header cleaner. Or you can remove the topic title from the header, and specify the title in the topic contents as an H1 html tag - this may be useful if you want to do some styling for topic titles, like using a different font or special background.

Social Network Buttons

Many people are sharing information in the social networks - give your readers this possibility with the built-in sharing buttons. Those buttons are also shown in the topic header area. To turn this on, go to the Tools > Portal Settings > Content Engagement > Sharing Buttons settings page. You can also define this settings on the project level, and it will override the global setting.

To make the buttons appear in the reader interface, enable the Show sharing buttons option in the Sharing Buttons settings page. This is the only thing you need to do. Then you can specify how many buttons you want to be shown by default.

In the same settings page, you can also see a place to specify your AddThis Profile ID - this is an option function that helps you bind those sharing buttons to an existing AddThis account. Creating a new AddThis account is free, so if you spend ten minutes to do this, you will be able to get sharing statistics in your AddThis profile on their web site.