ClickHelp October 2012 Release Notes

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Starting with this release, you can use the HTTPS protocol for higher safety when creating technical documentation. Strong SSL encryption protects the traffic, so third-parties cannot read it even if they intercept it.

New Features

    • HTTPS / SSL support implemented. You can now connect securely to your ClickHelp server when authoring.
    • Script-free view implemented. Readers with JavaScript disabled can now read published articles.
    • Printer-friendly view implemented. Readers can now print your content easily.
    • Start Page for new users implemented. It is now easier to get started with the product.

Fixed Issues

    • WYSIWYG editor improved. It is now possible to select files or images visually when linking to them in a document.
    • Redirections issue fixed on the Projects page. Now, the correct project is opened after switching between different projects multiple times and clicking the Open button.
    • Minor interface layout issue fixed.
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