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Printed Version Link in Online Documentation

Sometimes, in addition to the online version of your user guide, you may want to give your readers an option to download the PDF version of the guide for offline access. You can have such download link right in your online manual, in the header or footer of every topic. Here is how you can set this up: 

  • Generate a PDF version of your user guide. Click Publish under the name of your project, and select PDF as the output type, the system will auto-add the PrintedDoc output tag to handle some styling specifics.

  • Once the export operation is completed, the resulting PDF file will be in your ClickHelp File Storage. The full path and a link will be shown on the last step of the wizard.

After that, you need to add the PDF file diwnload link to your online user guide:

  • Go the Topic Master Page settings of your project to create a header with a link.
  • Add the following code to the Topic header HTML field where you should insert the link of your PDF user guide:
    <ch:exclude tags="PrintedDoc">
    <a href="/resources/Storage/magic-wand-manual-publication.pdf">Download this user guide as PDF</a>

    The "ch:exclude" tag means that the PDF link will be excluded from the final output when you use the PrintedDoc output tag. If you don't use this tag, or use a different tag (e.g. OnlineDoc), the PDF link will be in the header - it will not be excluded.
  • Here is the result:

  • You can customize topic header and footer as you wish. To learn more, refer to this topic: Custom Topic Footer and Header.

So, now you have a PDF file in your File Storage and a header link to the PDF file, make sure the file name is the same. Now you can publish your online version of the user guide as you normally do, and the PDF link will be in the header of every topic.