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Zendesk Integration

If you're working in a support team, you know, sometimes it's needed to add links to your responses to provide customers with clear information. However, it can be uncomfortable to open another app or window to search for a link. That's why, ideally, you should have access to documentation in your Zendesk agent console. ClickHelp provides its users with a free ClickHelp Sidebar for Zendesk. It gives support engineers the possibility to search within a ClickHelp documentation portal from the ticket editor and immediately insert help topic and knowledge articles links directly into a response.

How to Install the ClickHelp Sidebar in Zendesk

Information To use ClickHelp Sidebar for Zendesk, you should have two functions available in your ClickHelp subscription: Rest API and Zendesk Integrations. If want to evaluate this functionality during limited time, please contact us at

 To install the ClickHelp Sidebar, do the following:

That's all. The ClickHelp Sidebar has been added to your Zendesk support account.

How to Use the ClickHelp Sidebar 

Using the ClickHelp Sidebar is a piece of cake:

  • Open a ticket in Zendesk.

  • To add a topic link into your answer, type the text in the Search Knowledgebase field and then click Insert below the needed link.

Here you go - quick and easy way to insert documentation links into your support responses!