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Q: What is ClickHelp?

A: ClickHelp is more than online documentation tool. With this tool, technical writers create online documentation and printed manuals. It's a browser-based multi-authoring environment for small and medium-size documentation authoring teams. It is also a hosted documentation portal, ready for use in minutes.

Q: Does ClickHelp support multiple authors working together on the same documentation project?

A: Yes - this is what ClickHelp is designed for. Topic statuses, roles & permissions, document assignment, workflow notifications, review comments - it’s all about teamwork.

Q: What type of documentation can I develop with ClickHelp?

A: It is limited only by your imagination! Let’s see: user manuals, tutorials, online educational materials, Knowledge Bases, FAQ’s, collections of samples, printed materials in PDF / ePUB / DOCX / other formats, and much more.

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