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Step 3. Publishing a User Manual


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To make your content available to readers, you need to publish your Project. Further, we will show you how to create a Publication.

ClickHelp allows creating various outputs of the same Project using Single-Sourcing Techniques.
This tutorial does not cover those advanced functions. To learn more on dynamic output, check this topic.

When your Project content development is completed, and you are ready to provide users with access to it, you need to create a Publication . You can start the publishing process in a few ways. The easiest one is shown on the screenshot below - you can publish your Project while viewing it by using the main menu.

  • Go to Current Project > Publish/Export... on the ribbon bar at the top of the page. The Publish Project will open.

  • In the Publishing Project, you can edit the Publication's name and ID. Also, you can choose visibility options for your publication (it can be  Public , Restricted , or Private ). We will leave it with the default Public visibility meaning that the Publication will be visible for everyone including search engines. Moreover, you can choose to Publish Only Ready Topics and Export After Publishing. When you've finished, click Next.

  • Step 2 will show you the progress bar of your Publication's creation process. Click Next after it is finished.
  • At Step 3, you will see the window showing you that the Project is successfully published. The window will also contain a link to the created Publication.

Congratulations! Now, your online manual can be found by the newly created publication link, and the users will be able to access it at all times.

Note that you can find your Publications (as well as Projects) in the Author Dashboard.

After the Project is published, the Publication will appear on the Home page of your Portal. To see how it looks for readers, open your Portal in a different browser. Here's what we get:

Congratulations! You did a great job finishing this tutorial. Now, you know the basics that'll help you with authoring in ClickHelp. You've learned how to create a Project and fill it with content, how to make your online manual look fantastic with templates, images, and various boxes, and how to publish your Project  letting people actually see the final output on your Portal 's home page.

And, most importantly, you've learned how easy it is - creating your online documentation with ClickHelp.