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  • 90% of user queries responded to within 2 hours.
  • Guaranteed response within 24 hours.
  • All support channels are monitored 24x7.
  • Professional technical assistance on first interaction.

Customer Praise

"As an authoring tool, ClickHelp is easy to use and highly efficient. It can meet the needs of a small company but is scalable and full-featured enough to meet the needs of large corporations with multiple authors and departments.

ClickHelp employees believe in their product and stand behind it. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Jennifer Thompson
Technical Product Manager
"You guys are the best! It’s rare to have a software vendor implement suggestions, and even more rare to get feedback when they do. Kudos on such excellent service. Thank you!!"
Eileen Howald
Relyence Corporation
"I am writing to commend ClickHelp on their excellent customer support. I am using an evaluation copy and have experienced better support than with most fully licensed software. Alexander (from the ClickHelp Team) has been very professional and helpful, replying within minutes to all my emails."
Colin Greczkowski
Presagis Canada Inc.

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