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What is ClickHelp?

ClickHelp is a modern online documentation tool. This is a SaaS solution that will help you create topic-based documentation, publish user manuals online, export manuals to PDF, ePub, DOCX and other printed formats. You can find a description of available subscription plans on ClickHelp Pricing page. 

Check this video to learn what is ClickHelp in under 3 minutes:

Learn the Basics Lightning Fast

Finish the 15-minute ClickHelp tutorial to learn how to perform basic tasks:

And, here are the top-5 questions we are asked about our online documentation tool:

Q: Can I customize the way my documentation looks?

A: Yes, you can. Besides a set of ready templates, ClickHelp provides you with unlimited CSS design possibilities for your online documentation portal.

Q: Can I conduct documentation review with my team before publishing?

A: Yes, ClickHelp offers a powerful review process. You can create special reviwer users and give them access to specific projects, so they can add their comments. 

Q: Is SSO an option in ClickHelp?

A: Yes. ClickHelp supports the OpenID Connect technology of Single-Sign On. You can also log in to ClickHelp using Google as the OpenID Connect provider

Q: Can I use ClickHelp to create Context Help?

A: Yes, you can. Thanks to online documentation tool, you'll be able to place all the needed information right inside your app.

Q: Can I create Restricted User Manuals with your online tool?

A: Yes. Just specify whether you want to have restricted access to your documentation during the publishing process. 

Q: What formats are available for import?

A: You can import files of the following formats into your ClickHelp portal: CHM, HTML, DOCX, DOC, RTF, ODT.

Get more answers in our FAQ section.

We are Cross-Platfrom, Cross-Device and Cross-Browser

ClickHelp is a universal solution. It works on both Windows and Apple Mac OS.

Our online documentation tool supports all of your favourite browsers and devices - from mobile phones to HD TV! Our documentation project templates and portal home page templates are responsive as well, so you don't have to worry about this.

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