ClickHelp User Manual

Roles and Permission Matrix

The table below shows how user types and roles are organized, along with their capabilities. 

If you'd like to know about user management in ClickHelp, read User Management.
Power Reader Contributor

Corrector Translator Writer Reviewer
Project Leader Projects Manager Administrator
Project Permissions

View projects list

View Restricted publications

View Private publications

Create projects

Rename projects

Delete projects

Publish projects

Rename publications

Delete publications

View project/publication settings

Change project/publication settings

Change publication visibility

Topic Permissions

Create topics

Edit topics

Delete topics

Add review comments

Create ToDo items

Edit ToDo items created by other users

Edit workflow fields

TOC Nodes Permissions

Move TOC nodes

Edit TOC nodes

Translation Permissions

Edit translations

Global Settings Permissions

View global settings

Change global settings

Storage Permissions

Create files

Edit files

Delete files

Create styles

Edit styles

Delete styles

Create scripts

Edit scripts

Delete scripts

User Management Permissions

Unlock Writers' documents

View Contributors list

Create Contributor accounts

View Contributors' profiles

Edit Contributors' profiles

Change Contributors' permissions

Reset Contributors' passwords

View Power Readers list

Create Power Reader accounts

View Power Readers' profiles

Edit Power Readers' profiles

Change Power Readers' permissions

Reset Power Readers' passwords

API Permissions

Create and use an API key

Reset other user's API key

Report Permissions

View reports