ClickHelp User Manual

Change Publication Visibility

Changes publication's visibility.

PATCH projects/{publication-id}


This request requires basic authentication.

Request Parameters

Path params
publication-id string
The ID of the publication to change the visibility for.
Body params
updatedFields string
A comma-separated list of field names that will be updated. If a field name is not in the list, it will not be updated even if the field value is specified in other request parameters.
visibility string

The new visibility value. It can be one of the following case-sensitive values:

  • Private
  • Restricted
  • Public


Request sample
Bash (Unix Shell)
curl --location -g --request PATCH 'https://{portal-url}/api/v1/projects/space-program-pub' ^
--data-raw '{
"updatedFields": "visibility",
"visibility": "Public"