ClickHelp User Manual

Get power reader profile

Returns information on the Power Reader.

GET users/{pr-login}


This request requires basic authentication.

Request Parameters

Path params
pr-login string
The login of the Power Reader to get information about.


Request sample
Bash (Unix Shell)
curl --location -g --request GET 'https://{portal-url}/api/v1/users/pr1'
Response body sample
"userInfo": {
"about": null,
"authorUiFourLetterCode": "en-US",
"avatarImageUrl": null,
"cultureInfoId": "en-US",
"email": "",
"firstName": "Power",
"isAutoDetectCultureInfo": true,
"isAutoDetectTimeZone": true,
"lastActivityDate": null,
"lastName": "Reader",
"middleName": "",
"timeZoneId": "UTC"
"userName": "pr1",
"userRole": null,
"isEnabled": true

Response fields

userInfoAn object containing basic profile information.
Information the user specified in the About box.
URL of the image used as an avatar.
A four-letter language code of the Power Reader's culture.
Email of the Power Reader.
First name of the Power Reader.
Whether the culture is automatically detected. false if the culture is explicitly set by the user.
Whether the time zone is set to be automatically detected.
An ISO 8601 timestamp of the Power Reader's last activity date. GMT timezone.
Last name of the Power Reader.
The middle name of the Power Reader.
An ID of the time zone the user specified.
userNameThe login of the Power Reader.
Comma-separated list of Power Reader roles assigned to this user.
Whether the account is enabled or not.