ClickHelp User Manual

Get Search Queries

Returns information on the search queries by anonymous users or a specific Power Reader.

GET reports/user-events/{pr-login}/search-queries?startDate={start-date}&endDate={end-date}


This request requires basic authentication.

Request Parameters

Path params
pr-login type
The login of the Power Reader to get search queries for. Use - instead of the login to get the data for anonymous users.
Query params
startDate type
An ISO 8601 timestamp of the report range start date. GMT timezone.
endDate type
An ISO 8601 timestamp of the report range end date. GMT timezone.


Request sample
Bash (Unix Shell)
curl --location -g --request GET 'https://{portal-url}/api/v1/reports/user-events/pr1/search-queries?startDate=2022-08-09T02:35:00&endDate=2022-12-31T02:35:00'
Response body sample
"dateTime": "2022-11-07T15:25:34",
"queryText": "click",
"resultsTotal": 5
"dateTime": "2022-11-07T15:25:27",
"queryText": "nebula",
"resultsTotal": 0
"dateTime": "2022-11-07T15:25:22",
"queryText": "some",
"resultsTotal": 0

Response fields

dateTimeAn ISO 8601 timestamp of the event. GMT timezone.
queryTextThe full-text search query.
The total number of search results returned.