ClickHelp User Manual

[API] Get TOC Node

Returns information on a single TOC node.

GET projects/{project-id}/toc/nodes/{node-id}


This request requires basic authentication.

Request Parameters

Path params
project-id string
The ID of the project to get the specified TOC node from.
node-id string
The ID of the TOC node to get information about.


Request sample
Bash (Unix Shell)
curl --location -g --request GET 'https://{portal-url}/api/v1/projects/project-deep-space-exploration/toc/nodes/0e7adad0-2572-4966-8f02-bc46930cf848'
Response body sample
Bash (Unix Shell)
"caption": "",
"id": "0e7adad0-2572-4966-8f02-bc46930cf848",
"isShowInToc": true,
"ordinalNo": 1,
"parentId": null,
"topicId": "outer-space"

Response fields

caption Custom TOC node caption as set in the topic properties. Empty if the topic title is used.
id The unique identifier of the TOC node.
Whether the node is shown in the TOC in publications. Sets the corresponding option in the topic's properties.
The number indicating the position of the node in the TOC.
The unique identifier of the parent TOC node. null if the node is on the root level.
The unique identifier of the topic associated with the TOC node.