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Copying a Project


In ClickHelp, you can create a copy of any Project on the Projects page. This is a good way to "branch" the documentation for a new version of your software while keeping the older version of the project if you need to maintain it further.

When you create a copy this way, all the links inside your Project (image links, topic links) will be updated automatically according to your new Project URL as opposed to the scenario when you change your Project URL in the project settings. In the latter case, no automatic URL change will happen inside your Project.

To create a copy of a Project:

  • Go to the Author Dashboard page and click the three vertical dots button as it's shown on the screenshot below. Then click Copy. 

  • The Copy Project Wizard will open. Click Next .

  • On Step 2, choose the name for your Project copy and whether you want your current Project's Script and Style Files to be copied. Click Next.

  • At Step 3, you can see the progress of the copying process. Click Next when it finishes.
  • At Step 4, all the necessary information on the newly created project copy is displayed. Click Finish .

The same applies to Publications. If you copy a Publication, all the URLs  inside the Publication will be changed accordingly. This is an easy way to change the URL of an existing Publication - just copy it with a new URL, and delete the original Publication.

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