ClickHelp User Manual

Copy Project

This topic describes how to create a copy of a project in ClickHelp. This can be useful for "branching" project for the new version of your software or for creating a project backup.

When you copy a project, topics don't inherit the version history from the source topics. The publications and language versions are not copied either.

To copy a project:

  • Go to the Projects page and hover over the project card.
  • Click the More (···) button.
  • Select Duplicate from the popup menu. 
  • The Copy Project Wizard will open. Click Next.
  • On step 2, specify the name and ID of your project copy.
  • Specify whether to preserve workflow fields and copy files from the original project by selecting corresponding checkboxes.
  • Select whether the current project script and style files should be duplicated as well by selecting corresponding options.
  • Click Next
  • Click Next once the duplicate process finishes.
  • Step 4 displays all the necessary information on the newly created project copy. Click Finish