ClickHelp User Manual

Get Link to a Specific Help Topic

When your project has already been published, you can simply copy a topic's URL from the browser's address bar (make sure the topic is not in the editing mode as this will affect the URL). Note that you should copy such links only from publications of your projects and not from the projects themselves because projects and Private publications are not available to readers and only available for logged-in Contributors.

The topic URL should look like this:!clickhelp-product-documentation/introducing-clickhelp

Note that this URL points to a specific topic because it includes both publication and topic IDs in it. However, there are situations when you need to have links to the topics before actually publishing your project. For example, if you are going to include Context Help snippets or simple links to your topics in a new version of your product that is developed along with the documentation project. Also, the titles of your publications may differ from version to version, and you will not want to update links to documentation everywhere across your application before every release.

In these situations, you can use Smart Links, which do not point to a specific publication - they point to a topic from the latest publication of a project.