ClickHelp User Manual

Import from Author-it

ClickHelp supports the import of the Web Help produced by Author-it.

  1. Click Import on the Projects page.
  2. Among the import formats, select Author-it.
    The Import from Author-it option in the Import Wizard.
  3. Specify where to import the content: create a new project or add the topics to an existing project. If creating a new project, give it a name in the Project name box, and specify the Project language.
    Different import options.
  4. Click Next and upload your Author-it Web Help output file or files to the highlighted area — either drag&drop it or browse the files on your PC. Uploaded files will appear in the same area.
    The area to upload the files.
  5. Below, specify Topics encoding and whether to download externally linked images and files.
  6. Click Next. The importing process will start.
  7. After the import is finished, you'll see the window containing links to your imported project and styles.
  8. Click Finish.

Now, your Author-it documentation is imported, and you can work with it in ClickHelp!