ClickHelp User Manual

Requirements and Platforms

ClickHelp is a browser-based help authoring tool, so to use it, all you need is a web browser — no installs or downloads.

Supported Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome — latest stable version.
  • Microsoft Edge — latest stable version.
  • Mozilla Firefox — latest stable version.
  • Opera — latest stable version.
  • Apple Safari — latest stable version on latest OS release.
What if my browser is not on the list?

In most cases, you should be OK — web applications are supposed to work on most modern browsers, and ClickHelp was built with this idea in mind. Even if your browser isn't listed, ClickHelp should work — just give it a try. 

If you encounter any issues, contact our Support Team and provide a detailed description of the issue along with a screenshot of the video — we'll gladly look into it! Although please note that if the issue is deemed to be due to the unsupported browser, ClickHelp is unlikely to get a fix for it. 

I get the "JavaScript is disabled in your browser" error. How to avoid it? 

ClickHelp requires JavaScript to work properly. It should be enabled in your browser by default, but sometimes browsers require additional configuration to enable JavaScript. 

You can find instructions on how to do it for your specific browser online. For example, contains instructions for most browsers.

Internet Connection Requirements

ClickHelp is an online solution with rich functionality, so it requires a stable Internet connection. The minimum required connection parameters are listed below:

  • Download speed: at least 20 Mbits/second.
  • Upload speed: at least 20 Mbits/second.
  • Ping time: less than 150 ms.