ClickHelp Documentation

User Time Zone Settings


In ClickHelp, you can set up your time zone in order to get all the timestamps right, i.e. when a topic is created, updated, etc.

Timestamps are critical for working with Version History. When the correct time is set, it will also help you work with files in the File Storage

A time zone can be specified in a user profile:

  • Open a user profile by clicking My Profile...

  • Find the Time Zone field on the Personal Information page:
  • Select the needed time zone from the drop down box.

By default, the time zone is set to Auto Detect. This means, that the app is going to automatically assign a time zone for a user and use it for timestamps. 

Warning The autodetection relies on the Login page for time zone info. Users working with SSO will need to set their time zone settings manually.

In the same manner, you can set up Date / Time Format.