ClickHelp User Manual

Documentation Hosting FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the documentation hosting.

Do I need a separate site for hosting online documentation? 

No. ClickHelp is a SaaS solution and it provides users with ready hosting. You don't need to create a separate site additionally, all you need is the ClickHelp portal itself.

Can I host my documentation on my own server? 

Yes, you can do this. Export your online documentation in the Web Help format. The resulting archive will be a set of static HTML files with styles and other resources - you can host this content on any web server, it will not need any connection to your documentation portal. It's a good choice for delivering web-based documentation that works in an isolated network. To learn more, read Create a Web Help Manual.

Can I install ClickHelp On-Premises on my own server?

No, the authoring environment is always located on our servers. But you can export content to various formats, including WebHelp that you can host on your own servers.

Where does ClickHelp store my documentation? 

ClickHelp provides users with three locations where all your data will be hosted, they are Luxembourg, the USA, and Australia. You can choose any of them. All companies are known for high security standards including video-monitored perimeter fencing, entry via electronic access control terminals, and ultra-modern surveillance cameras switched on 24/7. 

Can I work with ClickHelp offline? 

No. ClickHelp is an online solution that runs in a web browser. Without Internet access, you cannot access your documentation portal. However, you can import topics written offline (in MS Word, Google Docs, RTF, text format) into your online ClickHelp portal later, when you have Internet access.

How does ClickHelp ensure that my data is safely stored? 

We are using a secure data center and the system performs daily content backups of your entire portal. We store five latest backups in three different locations. You can also create your own backups on a regular basis, read this topic to learn how: Back Up Your Data.

How secure is your ClickHelp documentation solution? 

The ClickHelp team is doing its best to ensure all client data is secure. You can read more on our Security Policy here. We consider trust and reliability a crucial part of our business, so we made our system uptime status transparent and close to 100%. You can track the system health from multiple locations worldwide and read more on the subject here.