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Back up Your Data


ClickHelp being a highly secure tool also provides its users with portal backups.

Automatic Backups

Every ClickHelp portal gets a daily backup automatically. Last five backups are stored in two different locations guaranteeing maximum data safety. You can find more information on our hosting facilities and reliability in ClickHelp Security Policy.

Manual Backups

You can perform data backups manually via exporting your content to various formats (CHM, HTML5 Web Help, Micorosft Word, RTF, etc.). To do that, follow this process:

  1. Create a Private publication of your project. This will create a full copy of your content, including TOC, styles, images, scripts and other dependencies.
  2. Export the publication to the format you need. We recommend using the CHM format - this format uses HTML+CSS inside, so it will be easier to import the content later if you need this.
  3. Download the resulting file from ClickHelp Storage using the link on the last step of the wizard.
  4. Delete the publication if you do not need it.
  5. Keep this exported file in your own backup location as needed.

Regular Backups via ClickHelp API

One more option is to perform automatic backups via the ClickHelp API. The main benefit of this approach is that ClickHelp can upload the resulting backup file to an FTP server of your choice automatically when the export is finished, so you don't have to care about getting the backup file manually from ClickHelp. Also, this approach allows exporting the project content directly, without creating a publication and use an automated process on your end to backup your data on a regular basis. To learn how to run data backups via the API, see the Project Management help topic.