ClickHelp User Manual

Documentation Import FAQ

Frequently asked questions about importing the existing content into your documentation portal.

What formats do you support for documents import?  You can import files of the following formats into your ClickHelp portal: CHM, HTML, DOCX, DOC, RTF, ODT, and the CkickHelp project backup format. You can read more here: Content Import and Migration.
Can ClickHelp split my MS Word document into topics? 

Yes. There are, actually, several ways of splitting an MS Word doc into topics: by Style outline level (a new topic will be created with each Heading specified in the document), Paragraph outline level — topics will be defined by the outline levels specified in the document's paragraph settings, by TC fields. It is also possible to import an MS Word document as a single topic. You select the importing mode in the importing wizard. For details, see Import from Microsoft Word.

Can I import my MS Word content without inline styles? 

Yes, this is possible. MS Word creates a lot of inline styles, and sometimes you don't really need them - you want the imported content to use the existing styles defined in your project. Your content can be imported without inline styles, but the formatting will be preserved (tables, lists, etc.), meaning that you can apply styles to these elements after — just select "Do not import styles" in the importing wizard.

Can I import the content to an existing project instead of a new one? 

Yes. In the Import Wizard, you can specify the target - a new project or one of the existing projects.