ClickHelp User Manual

Import from Microsoft Word

In ClickHelp, you can import user manuals stored in the Microsoft Word format to your documentation portal.

Migration and import are not the same. Import is a tool that significantly speeds up the migration process, but it is only a part of it. You should always manually check every import to ensure no content is missing and the styling is preserved where necessary.

In ClickHelp, we provide Migration Services. Contact us at if you're interested!

MS Word Import Specifics

As far as Microsoft Word related formats are concerned, ClickHelp supports the following formats for import:

  • DOCX — OpenXML, Microsoft Word 2007, and later;
  • DOC — Microsoft Word 97-2003;
  • RTF — Rich Text Format.

For a Microsoft Word file to be imported to ClickHelp correctly, you need to accept all the changes in the document. For this, find the Review tab in Microsoft Word, and go to Review → Accept → Accept all changes. Save the file and proceed with the steps described below.

Learn more about MS Word import specifics in this section:

Importing Process

 To import a Microsoft Word document from your machine:

  1. Open the Projects page and click the Import Document button. 
  2. In the Import Wizard, pick one or more Microsoft Word files, and specify where to import the content to. You can create a new project or add the topics to an existing project
  3. If you want to create a new project, give it a name and a project ID.
  4. Click Next. First, place the Microsoft Word file in the specified area on the left (either drag&drop it or browse the way to the file on your machine), and wait for the file to finish uploading. You'll see its name near the top of the drop area when it's ready.
  5. Below are Import Settings. Specify the desired values. Refer to Microsoft Word Import Settings Reference to learn more about the settings.
  6. Click Next and proceed to the third wizard step where the import itself is performed.
  7. Click Next to get to the finishing step. You'll see the window containing links to your imported project and styles.
  8. Click Finish.

Following these steps, you will successfully import any amount of documents into your user manual having it perfectly structured and styled right at the import.