ClickHelp User Manual

Import Project Backup

This topic explains how you can import the project backup archive.

  1. Click Import Document on the Author Dashboard.
    The Import Document button on the Author Dashboard
  2. In the Import Project Wizard, click Other and select ClickHelp Project Backup as the Import format.
    The Project Backup import format option
  3. Specify where to import the content: create a new project or add the topics to an existing one.
    The Import to option in the Import Wizard
  4. If you are creating a new project, give it a name in the Project name field, specify the Project language and click Next.
    Since you cannot change a project's language after its creation, it's important to set the correct language during the project's creation.
  5. Drag&drop your archive into the drop area or click on it to browse your way to the archive.
    The Uploaded files field in the Import Project wizard
  6. Choose the correct Topics Encoding on the right side of the Wizard or leave the Auto detect setting.
  7. Click Next and wait for the Wizard to finish importing your backup — you will see the links to your imported project backup and style files.