ClickHelp User Manual

Project Backup Contents

After you create a project backup, you get an archive with a name based on the project name with an added timestamp. It is placed in the Temp Project Backups folder in the File Storage. The archive contains the following files:

  • HTML files, which contain your topics' content, including the links to all images, styles, scripts, and other dependencies. Topics' properties, status fields, ToDo list items, etc., are also stored in the corresponding JSON files.
  • XLIFF files for the project's translations.
  • All images, styles, scripts, and other dependencies, including the files stored in the exported project folder.
  • The indexKeywords.json file with a human-readable list of Index Keywords.
  • The project.json file with the information about the project's settings, styles, scripts, and other technical details.
  • The toc.json file with a human-readable TOC structure that you can use to rebuild the topics hierarchy if needed. The TOC node properties and publishing settings are also included.
  • The variables.json file with a list of variables, including their names and values.