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Reusing Style Files

Every project has a list of style files, and those style files are independent files in your ClickHelp Styles Storage. This means that you can reuse them across different projects.

So, here are the steps demonstrating how to reuse style files across different projects:

  • All style files can be found in File Manager. You can open it from your Portal Dashboard or any other page - it's always in the top menu.

  • Proceed to the Styles tab. Put your CSS file in some shared place under the Styles storage to have one standard style file for all projects (in the example below, we've created a folder for this purpose).
  • Then we open that special folder where our shared style files are stored.
  • Select the needed file and click its URL at the bottom of the File Manager to copy it to your clipboard.

  • Then go to the Topic Master Page setting (you can do this from the top menu: Tools > Portal Settings > Topic Template > Topic Master Page).
  • Then insert the style file reference to the Additional Tags field. It is recommended that you remove the portal domain name for the URL, so the file URL starts with "/resources"
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/resources/Styles/StyleFiles/Style.css"/>

  • Click Save Changes.

Now this style file applies to all your projects that use the global Master Page settings. If you have projects that have their own Master Page settings, you need to do the same setup for each of those projects.

Information The style file references added to the Master Page this way will not show up in your project styles list. But they will still be applied every time any project topic is opened.