ClickHelp User Manual

Reusing Topic in Multiple ToC Nodes

If you need to reuse a topic in different places of your TOC, there is no need to copy and paste the content. Reusing the content is easy with ClickHelp. Let's take a look.

Let's imagine that we need to reuse the content of the Robots topic in multiple places of the Table of Contents.

The topic editor page

So, we do the following:

  • Сlick the plus button.
    The Create New Topic button in the topic's editor
  • You will see a window just like the one in the screenshot below.
    The Create New Topic dialog
  • Choose Reuse (embed content of another topic by reference), then choose a topic the content of which should be reused.
    Choose the Reuse option and the necessary topic in the Create New Topic dialog
  • Click OK.

Once you do this, the system will create a new topic that will contain a snippet that refers to the source topic. Here is what it looks like when you click Edit

A topic inserted as a snippet into the topic's content

The new topic you create this way will have a new URL, title, its own properties, etc. It's only the content that will be pulled from another topic you are re-using this way. Having unique URLs for all topics that reuse the same content may be useful, so you can give your reader a link to a specific TOC entry in a specific section of your documentation. At that, once you make a change in the source topic, all places that reuse the content will be updated too.

Deleting a topic that pulls content from another place does not influence the content source.

You can reuse the content of topics located in any project of your ClickHelp portal.