ClickHelp User Manual

Search Events and Google Analytics

In ClickHelp, you can set up Google Site Search to track search events from your portal. In order to enable it, follow the steps from the Google Help Center.

When users search your portal, their queries are usually included in the URL with the special parameter. The query parameter for your portal is "q". Also, Google gets the "p" parameter from your portal, it contains ID of your project where users search for the information.

For example, users search for Known Androids in your project called Robotics 101. In this case, the result for Google Site Search will be the following: /search/q=known%20androids&p=robotics-101

Otherwise, if the search is global, the result will look like this: /search/q=known%20androids

Here are some notes on reporting of search events:

  • ClickHelp reports search events when you enable Google Analytics integration since this setting is included in this integration by default.
  • ClickHelp reports the search statistics only for the Reader users - anonymous readers or Power Readers. For Authors and Reviewers, it's not reported.
  • Google receives the search activity events when readers search both using the header search box and the portal Search page.