ClickHelp User Manual

View Topics Assigned to Me

While working on a project, you may want to see only the help topics assigned to you - those you need to work on. You can easily do this by filtering the TOC

All you need to do is to select the Assigned To Me item from the Quick Filter drop-down box located right above your TOCFor example, this is how the TOC looks initially for a user named TechWriter logged on the Portal.

The TOC in the project

Now, the user wants to see what topics they are supposed to work on. So, TechWriter opens the Quick Filter dropdown box and selects the appropriate option from the list.

The Assigned to Me quick filter in the TOC

As you can see, the TOC has changed - only the topics assigned to the current user are displayed.

The nodes filtered according to the filter

The Quick Filter feature allows finding the assigned topics within a couple of mouse clicks.