ClickHelp Documentation

Ways to Handle Broken Links

Broken links are unacceptable in documentation because they influence the quality of documentation and SEO. However, in ClickHelp, you can handle broken links easily. The ClickHelp engine checks:

  • Cross-topics links inside topic content.
  • Resource links in style files.
  • Links in scripts files.

Here are two ways how you can validate broken links:

  1. If you need to check links in a specific topic, do the following:
  • Open a necessary topic and go to Properties. To learn how to open topic properties, refer to this topic: Topic Properties.
  • Then click Link Viewer.

  • On the Link Viewer page, you'll see a list of broken links, as well as the lists of inbound and outbound topic links.
  1. If you need to check for broken links for a whole project, do the following:
  • Publish your project using the Private visibility. To learn how to publish a project, refer to this topic: Step 3. Publishing a User Manual.
  • On the 3rd step of the publishing process, you'll see a list of broken links. You can use the Download Log as PDF command to have this log in the PDF format to act on those broken links later.

So, these two ways will help you find broken links and fix them.