ClickHelp User Manual

Feedback Widget Settings Reference

Reader Feedback Widget settings can be accessed in the portal or project/publication settings, under BrandingReader Feedback section.

The Reader Feedback Widget settings in the Branding → Reader Feedback section

  • Show the topic feedback widget — checking this option enables the widget to be displayed in the Reader UI. Disabling this setting disables other settings.
  • Allow readers to provide details on negative feedback — with this setting enabled, users can give additional reasoning for the negative feedback. A form will appear upon clicking the downvote asking the reader to provide details.
    A form to send additional comments on negative feedback
  • Send feedback to — an email the system will send all detailed feedback from users to. ClickHelp will send only the additional textual feedback for the negative voting to the specified email.
    Example of an email
    ClickHelp: Reader feedback received from

    Portal Name:
    Publication Name: My Publication
    Publication URL:
    Topic Title: My Topic
    Topic URL:
    Timestamp: 2022-10-31T17:04:32
    Feedback: Reader feedback text here

  • Allow readers to leave their email addresses so you can contact them — enabling this option will add an email field to the additional feedback form.
    Feedback form with email and feedback fields