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The 'Was it Helpful?' Widget

Readers' feedback is essential part of developing effective documentation, it helps to monitor end users' satisfaction, and, based on this information, you can improve your content. In this topic, you will learn how the Is this page helpful? widget works in ClickHelp.

When a reader opens your publication, the widget appears in a few seconds. It looks like this:

Each reader's reaction is tracking by the internal analytics. So, you can see reports and analyze them. To learn more, refer to this topic: Topics Views and Ratings Report.

If you want to disable the widget, do the following:

  • Open your Portal Dashboard and click Tools > Portal Settings. Then click Branding > Reader Interface in the left-hand navigation panel. 
  • Scroll down to the Topic viewer settings section and disable the widget as it's shown on the screenshot.

  • Click Save Changes
Warning Reader Interface settings do not affect logged in authors. Log out or open a different browser if you want to see the changes. You will need to open a published topic to see their effect.