ClickHelp User Manual

Font Size Units

The tables below list supported and unsupported CSS units for printed formats. There are some specifics because of the differences between printed formats of documentation and online documentation as they render in a different way.

Supported Font Size Units for Absolute Lengths

The absolute length units are fixed and a length expressed in any of these will appear as exactly that size.

Unit Description
cm  centimeters
inches (1in = 96px = 2.54cm)
px *
pixels (1px = 1/96th of 1in)
points (1pt = 1/72 of 1in)
picas (1pc = 12 pt)

Supported Font Size Units for Relative Lengths

Relative length units specify a length relative to another length property. Relative length units scale better between different rendering mediums.

Unit  Description
em Relative to the font-size of the element (2em means 2 times the size of the current font)
ex Relative to the x-height of the current font (rarely used)
ch Relative to width of the "0" (zero)
rem Relative to font-size of the root element
vmin Relative to 1% of viewport's* smaller dimension
vmax Relative to 1% of viewport's* larger dimension
% Relative to the parent element

Unsupported Font Size Units

Unit Description
vh Relative to 1% of the height of the viewport
vw Relative to 1% of the width of the viewport