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How to Preview My Content


When it comes to the topic content, the author interface looks very similar to the reader's UI, with a few exceptions - there are no editing commands in the topic content area. Depending on what exactly you'd like to view as a reader, follow the instructions below.

Topic Content Preview

If you want to preview topic content, here are several methods:

  • Open your topic in View mode - just don't click the Edit button. The topic header is defenitely different for authors, but the topic content itself looks the same in this View mode both for authors and readers.
  • If you're editing a topic, and you don't want to unlock it to preview the result, switch to the Preview tab at the bottom of the topic editor.
  • If you use conditional blocks inside your topic content and need to check how the content will look like when published with different Output Tags, the Preview tab will also help you. In the Preview tab ribbon bar, you can select the necessary output tags for preview and the content will be rendered accordingly.
  • If you use conditional publishing for your TOC nodes, you can preview what your TOC will look like when published with a specific tag. To see this, select the relevant TOC filter - at the end of the filters list, you will see items that correspond to the Output Tags defined in your portal:

Home Page Preview

When you are logged in as an author, your Portal Home page shows the list of all publications you have, no matter what their visibility is - authors can access all publications.

To learn what a reader will see, log out and open your Portal Home page (you can also use the Incognito mode of your web browser, or another web browser). The list of publications for an unauthenticated reader will include only those Publications whose visibility is set to Public.

If you need to examine the list of Restricted Publications visible to a Power Reader, create your personal Power Reader account with relevant permissions. Then log in using that Power Read account and open your Portal Home page.

Branding Styles Preview

The styles you define in the Branding CSS do not affect the author UI. So, when you need to check the results of your Branding CSS changes, you need to open your portal as a reader or Power Reader.